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TrainYourBrain.online is an online learning platform with variety of specifically designed courses for those students who would like to prepare themselves for a job interview and future job, such as cruise ship job. Online learning is a very convenient method of studies ad it allow us to teach you no matter of distance, time and place. Our instructors have a wide experience working in hospitality industry as well as on cruise ships so they tried to bring as much practical and real life knowledge as possible.  

We try to add as much visuals as possible as we believe in visual learning. So you will learn material now only by text lectures but also via interactive info graphics, pictures, video stories and a lot of other fascinating and involving visuals.

After passing each course, you will be awarded with a certificate showing your name and grade. This could be an advantage on a job interview, showing that you've worked hard in order to get a job.

We made our pricing plans convenient to you. You can either buy each course separately or buy a course package that you need with a discount.

Company Information: 

"UAB” Proto takas”

Company ID  304850561

Company Address: Gelvonų g. 2-105, Vilnius 07149, Lithuania

+370 (601) 21 684


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