Course format: online only, contains lectures and final test

Course duration: 30 days course access if you buy it as a separate course. Otherwise, course duration depends on the purchased package.

Course description:
This course shall familiarise you with the terms useful for those who are interested in getting a job on a cruise ship in the restaurant department. You will learn job responsibilities, restaurant food, menu specifics, terminology, etc. After passing this course, you should get all your restaurant knowledge refreshed and adjusted to English speaking environment on board cruise ships. This might help you to pass interview for assistant waiter or similar restaurant job on a cruise line.
As a bonus we are happy to offer 15 minutes skype consultation with real consultant to make this course even more helpful. After payment is completed you shall get an e-mail with the invoice and skype consultation details.

Course passing conditions:

When passing the course final test you get a score 85 out of 100 or higher, it means you passed this course successfully and the quality of your preparation corresponds to the our course requirements. You can now download your certificate.

If you get a score lower than 85 out of 100, it means you failed this course and don’t get a certificate. You should study a little bit more and may retake the course by purchasing additional test trial.

Special conditions: The certificate of completion confirms that the student took the course and shows the final grade. It can’t guarantee that students get a job but it is definitely beneficial for their CV work&experience profile.

Course Curriculum

DUTIES & SERVICE Details 01:40:00
CUTLERY Details 05:00:00
TABLE SETTING Details 00:00:00
WINE Details 00:00:00
BEVERAGE SERVICE Details 00:00:00
FOOD ITEMS Details 00:00:00
MENU Details 00:00:00
CONDIMENTS Details 00:00:00
ALLERGIES & DIETS Details 00:00:00
QUESTIONNAIRE Details 01:40:00
Assistant Waiter Test 01:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Evgeniia AldakushevaAugust 23, 2017 at 8:29 pmReply

    Благодарю за прекрасно подготовленный курс!


    Я была рада пройти данный курс. Предоставленная информация великолепным образом дополняет и пополняет знания, помогает в подготовке к работе на круизном лайнере, в ресторанах высокого класса. Занятия четко структурированы, от чего и зависит композиция полученных знаний. Работа с тренером позволяет дать ответы на наиважнейшие вопросы, придает уверенности, понимания и осмысления сути интервью. На курсе я получила полную информацию, что требовалось. Спасибо большое! Я желаю студентам успешного прохождения курса, тренерам – успехов в работе и много отличников!)

  2. Daniil review


    Thank you for help me with preparing! Would be nice if you add some videos and presentations 🙂
    From Russia with love!

  3. Awesome!


    Thank you very much! Thanks to your company, I’ve received huge and valuable knowledge that will be key to the development of my career! I wish success and prosperity to your project!

  4. The course is interesting


    The course is interesting, but some questions have caused complexity.

  5. Спасибо за обучение!


    Очень познавательный и грамотный курс! Спасибо за знания!

  6. I'm glad to purchased this course


    Very colorful lectures, a lot of useful material

  7. The course is great to upgrate the knowledge of food serving


    The course is full of the information which is really needed to learn the basic knowledge of food serving and also to upgrade those. The information is full and clear.

  8. 100% helpful


    I would definitely recommend this course for those who want to receive short but extremely enlightening way of getting useful information. The lectures step-by-step tell you everything you need to know while applying for a F&B position. I bet that even experienced restaurant workers may not know all things that are presented here. Ladies and Gentlemen, you should take this course without hesitations!

  9. Отличный курс!


    Много полезной информации и новых слов. В работе очень пригодится. Курс четко структурирован по темам, а картинки облегчают понимание. Спасибо, курс мне понравился. 🙂

  10. An awesome course and really helpful!


    What a great course!
    This has been the most comprehensive and well-structured course I have ever completed.
    What captivated me the most was a huge amount of professional information, additional materials, organized in an excellent, easy-to-study format.
    I strongly recommend this course for all professionals, preparing to work on cruise lines.
    Many thanks to all responsible for putting together and delivering this excellent course as well as for the professional assistance and feedback during the whole course.

  11. Wikipedia and cartoons. 2000s?


    Texts from Wikipedia and some cartoons, It doesn’t cost this sum of money. It should be free

  12. A Very Informative Course


    Thank you a lot for the course. It is well-structurised, informative and has visual materials.

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  • Course Certificate
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